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The Six Moral Tales

2016. 40 mins. A fugitive wanders the desert hoping to cross into Mexico. There he meets a strange man on a self-imposed exile. The two men begin a tense exchange of stories which reflect their conflicting views of morality.


2015. 7 mins. An absent narrator, watches and analyzes his wife’s actions as she has dinner with a mutual friend.


2015. 25 mins. Max has not left his apartment in almost a year. Tomorrow, he will be greatly upset to find a dismembered eye sitting on his window ledge, seemingly watching him.

Jouir de la Vie

2014. 100 mins. A young painter begins suffering from a bizarre ailment: He dies every time he has sex. He sets off to France in hopes of discovering why, where he becomes increasingly suspicious that it is all connected in some way to his art.


2013. 10 Mins. A young homeless man wanders aimlessly through an Asian metropolis with his dog.


2013. 5 mins. A video essay about living as a foreigner in Taiwan. Comprised from the seamless integration of documentary footage with staged events.

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